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Majora's Mask on the 3DS? 8D 

86 deviants said Awwww yea <3
17 deviants said I don't have a 3DS :noes:
9 deviants said No thanks :I
3 deviants said Other?




Master's Son by Lady-Zelda-of-Hyrule
Master's Son
I'm still alive I swear! :noes: I just haven't been in a very good place and kinda went into hiding as a result orz

Terra's ending in the game genuinely made me feel SAD! ;A; I had to repeat it as I've been replaying the game on Critical mode, and I could feel myself dreading finishing his story as I knew what was coming ahaha. I just love this game and its characters. I hope they make a return... </3

Painting this was... well it was awesome! Not without its problems, but I knuckled down and got it done and no tables were flipped in the process. The style is... kind of a bit of everything as I just wanted to paint to unwind and feel better. I personally adore the result and I hope you guys do too! I don't know exactly how many of my watchers enjoy seeing Kingdom Hearts fan art, but hopefully some people will!

Done while listening to Terra's theme:… and well as Dark Impetus:…;
Both are utterly amazing songs that should definitely be heard! :heart:

Terra belongs to SquareEnix
Terra - Lines by Lady-Zelda-of-Hyrule
Terra - Lines
Nothing coloured yet... I know, I suck. I've been ill, busy and in something of a block, I'm sorrrrrrry. D:

And yay for fan art? Sort of?

Massive Kingdom Hearts fan over here, loved the games for years but... don't think I've ever done any art for it. I recently got the chance to play through Birth By Sleep for the first time (Couldn't play it originally as I don't own a PSP orz) and I love the HECK out of it. Terra you stole my heart even though you don't possess the power to apparently. You cad! o:

Soooo... after finally beating the Mysterious Figure/Unknown with him, I HAD to ask Ryuu for a sketch of Terra to play with! Call it a celebration piece if you will. :giggle: Made a LOT of changes to it, so I hope everything looks okay!

Terra belongs to Squeenix
Land Boy - Lines by Lady-Zelda-of-Hyrule
Land Boy - Lines
Yeah, my first submission of the year is a line art, but I love it so. =P

Happy New Year all! I've been horribly sluggish with art for the past few weeks. I totally blame Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep for that. But! Cecil needed an outfit/appearance for when he's on land so... we made one. I kinda... remastered one or two things which I think made it better. I hope. xD

I'm TRYING to plan a background for this, which isn't gonna be fun. And he IS looking at somethiing I omitted from the lines because... well because. xD It didn't seem as good compared to Cecil's lines, but I'll work on that. :nod:

I hope he looks okay so far! <3

Cecil is mine. :heart:
SSS - Luuka by Lady-Zelda-of-Hyrule
SSS - Luuka
Siren Secret Santa! :secretsanta: 

I was paired with the amazing and awesome :iconrachellebear:! I was THRILLED because I adore Luuka and I have always wanted to work with him! He's always been one of my most favourite Sirens so man... I'm just so happy to have the chance to give this bby boy some attention! Just LOOK at him he's bloody beautiful! <3 When Ryuu gave me the sketch I got straight to work and it was all done in a day haha.

This is my first time ever taking part in anything like this and it was just brilliant. I only hope you like this gift Ziv! :tighthug:

Luuka belongs to :iconrachellebear:

Artwork done by Ryuu and I! <3 While I was working on this I was listening to the very appropriately named Dance of Gold from Castlevania Symphony of the Night -…

200k and I stole a thing (Favourites quiz!)

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 24, 2014, 12:01 PM
css by: whispwill

kingdom hearts css

Soooo...! It only just clicked with me that I have over 200,000 views now. That's like, whoa. That's a lot! I would've liked to have done a kiriban or something for it, but I didn't realise just how close it was! o: Thank you all so much for supporting me over all these years I've been here on DA! :heart:

My moods have been kinda up and down of late, but who doesn't have off days? I still get people who brighten my day and I love them longtime for it! :heart: Another big positive is I've been dipping my toe in the waters of RPing again and I'm having a blast with it!

Okay and I stole a thing that's been going all around my friend's journals and I want in. It's a "Favourites" meme/quiz/thing. 8D

Letsa go!


1. Video game: Zelda OoT/TP, Castlevania Symphony of the Night, Kingdom Hearts 2, Tales of Vesperia/Xillia1+2, Dynasty/Samurai Warriors games, Final Fantasy 9 and way more. I refuse to only pick one. <3

2. Show: Don't really watch all that much TV these days. I don't have a favourite from what I do watch at least. Oh wait I kinda do! I loved the first few seasons of Yu-Gi-Oh, but that's for childhood and nostalgia reasons.

3. Kids cartoon character: Kids cartoon...? Minnie Mouse I guess...?

4. Anime/manga character: Blood Dupre and Julius Monrey. Actually the whole cast of HNKNA <3

5. Final fantasy character: Zidane (FF9) and Noel (FF XIII-2)

6. Present you received: My diamond ring.

7. Color: Pink, blue and green.

8. Sonic character: Cream the Rabbit.

9. Band: Within Temptation and Linkin Park

10. Song: At the moment? Monster by Imagine Dragons. And about a million songs from various video game OSTs

11. Food: Quorn or pizza. Or... chip shop chips. Nummy! <3

12. Drink: Tea!

13. Number: 17

14. Planet: Earth, I guess...?

15. Simpsons character: Lisa or... Homer maybe? Haven't watched that in YEARS.

16. Country: Probably Japan. I love the English countryside, at least.

17. Job: Eh? My favourite job...? I work for a local charity, and I enjoy that? Does that count?

18. Magazine: Used to read the Nintendo Official Magazine ages ago.

19. Comic: Are we counting manga here? If we are, the Alice in the Country of series, and the Zelda mangas. If we're not, then Batman comics are cool.

20. Action figure/doll: My Snow Leopard plush. And my various Tales of/Zelda figures. <3

21. Weather: When it's pleasant and sunny, neither too warm or too cold. Not a cloud in the sky.

22. Month: April/May time, when there are blossoms and such on the trees.

23. Day of the week: Saturday.

24. Fruit: Apples or maybe grapes

25. Meat: I'm a vegetarian, I don't eat meat. c:

26. Body part: Legs. 8D

27. Electronic device: My computer... if that doesn't count I have a tablet I like to mess around with every now and then.

28. Person on dA: Oh no you don't, quiz! I love SO many people here on DA! Much love to Ryuu, Scorch and the Siren community. <333

29. Video game console: PS3/4

30. Video game company: Nintendo.

31. Dvd: Beauty and the Beast. I brought a limited editon of it some time ago that came as a book. It had recipies and stuff in it. 'Tis ADORABLE. <3

32. Movie: Tarzan, Beauty and the Beast, Tangled and Wreck It Ralph.

33. Road: I er... don't have one.

34. City: Again, don't have one.

35. Holiday destination: Don't travel all that much to really know?

36. dA emoticon: :iconteaheeplz:

37. Online game: I don't play online games anymore.

38. Family guy character: Pass.

39. Fullmetal Alchemist Character: Probably Alphonse. I didn't really watch much of it unfortunately.

40. Green day song: Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

41. Lead singer of a band: I don't have one. D:

42. Mario character: Peach, Rosalina, Daisy and Yoshi. <3

43. Snack: Cheese on toast

44. Fizzy drink: Cherry cola, prolly.. Don't drink much of the fizzy stuff.

45. Scent: Freshly baked bread. <3

46. Taste: Tea and Raspberry. <3

47. Sound: Running water from a stream or river. Or the sound leaves make when the wind passes through them

48. Feeling: Stepping into a warm room when you've been out in the cold.

49. Animal: Dog or horse.

50. Circus attraction: I've never been to a circus. The one they held here recently was stupidly expensive to get in so I gave it a miss.

51. Fairground ride: Pirate ship

52. Kitchen utensil: Tea spoon.

53. Junk food: Toffee Crisp or cookies.

54. Word: Bishounen <3

55. Type of footwear: Boots!

56. Type of clothing: Robes, PJs, night dresses... comfies. <3

57. Pokémon: Mew, Chatot or Xerneas

58. Digimon: Garurumon

59. Thing about love: It's... uh... lovely?

60. Type of Joke: Ones that make me laugh.

61. American state: I don't know much about most of them, so I prolly can't say for sure. D:

62. Bug: Dun like bugs. D:

63. Aquatic animal: Sirens hoho

64. Seafood: Don't eat seafood. c:

65. Store: I kinda like GAME sometimes. But my favourites are this one book store in the Cotswolds and this awesome interior design/antique shop on the highstreet nearby.

66. Time of day: Afternoon

67. Arcade game: Pac Man

68. Favorite PC Music Player: I'm using iTunes if that counts...?

69. Sport: Eh

70. Animated Character: Ludger, if Xillia 2's animated cutscenes count. If not, then Belle.

71. Accessory: Rings.

72. Lesson: Art and English were my favourites, I think...

73. Video Game Character: Link, Zelda, Ludger, Yuri and Alucard.

74. Way of Dying: ...Seriously?

75. Body part of the Opposite Gender - Abs and strong arms are wonderful. <3

76. Extreme sport: N/A

77. Thing about the opposite gender: Gentlemen are awesome. Too bad there don't seem to be many. D:

78. Way of showing affection: Hugs

79. Type of swimwear: One piece swimsuit.

80. Favorite historical era: I find a lot of them really interesting.

81. Celebrity: NO.

82. Celebrity couple: I SAID NO.

83. Shipping:  CecilxRen awwwyea. <333 I'm open to all sorts of pairings though really. <3

85. Takeout: Chinese.

86. Metal: Gold. <3

87. Anime: One Piece, some Pokémon or the early Yu-Gi-Oh episodes

88. Candy: Bon Bons.

89. Cookie: Chocolate chip

90. Final fantasy game: 9 and XIII-2

91. Type of cake: Sponge cake

92. Doughnut: Vanilla or raspberry jam. <3

93. Type of music: I love video game soundtracks and Celtic music.

94. Type of film: Animated ones. <3

95. Channel: I like POP because sometimes I catch MLP on there haha. History and ITV are okay too.

96. Radio station: Heart... when they play good music and stop talking rubbish.

97. Website: DA and Kotaku.

98. Episode of Show: Huh...? I dunno. The one Mario Cartoon that had Count Koopula or something.

99. Tool: Myself.

100. Reality Show: ...The one that doesn't cause my brain cells to commit suicide. Owait...


Steal it if you like the looks of it! :heart: Much love to you all!

  • Mood: Nervous
  • Listening to: Cherry Blossom Storm - Okami
  • Reading: Alice in the Country of Joker
  • Watching: N/A
  • Playing: Hyrule Warriors
  • Eating: Toast
  • Drinking: Tea


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:heart: HnKna stamp by XxAlternative-Dreams :heart: Guan Xing Forever Stamp by deadlypoisonbeauty :heart:

Ludger stamp by Akiyama-LhantJude stamp by Akiyama-LhantMilla Maxwell stamp by Akiyama-LhantMilla stamp by Akiyama-LhantAlvin stamp by Akiyama-Lhant
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Thank You... by jennyleigh
:heart: Because there are times when I can't always say this :rose:

I'll put this under sub tags, because I don't really think I'm all that interesting to take up more space with normal sized font. xD;

What's there to say? Call me Zelly. I'm your average (But incredibly shy) girl who lives in England. Unfortunately, I seem to lack a noticeable accent. Lame. >:

I'm what you may as well call a "colourist", I colour images done by awesome people with more drawing talent than me haha. These days I just don't have it in me to draw anything any more. Sad, really.

Favourite characters include - Various OCs. Princess Zelda, Princess Peach, Daisy and Rosalina. Link, Alucard, N, Hershel Layton, Snow Villiers, Kratos Aurion, Luigi, Miles Edgeworth, Klavier Gavin, Leon S. Kennedy, Lymle Lemuri Phi, Lars Alexandersson, Yuri Lowell, Repede, Jane Porter, Belle, Jasmine, Chris Redfield... you get the point, right? :XD:

I'm just not wanting to list everything concerning the above or go into further detail about other things... else we may be here a while. We were here long enough as it is. Terribly sorry about that. >:



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